What is SurvaCAD

SurvaCAD is a unique AutoCAD and Bricscad enhancement package specifically designed for Survey and Cartographic Drafting. Consisting of more than One Hundred and Forty commands, SurvaCAD has significantly reduced the time and effort required to produce Survey Plans and Maps without any loss of Quality. The aim of SurvaCAD is to place around 90% of information in the drawing without user editing. With the SurvaCAD "User Friendly" operation, even computer novices are productive from day one. All the benefits of Computer Aided Drafting are enhanced with the use of SurvaCAD, resulting in Reduced Drafting Costs. Being fully integrated with AutoCAD and Bricscad, the user may be excused for thinking SurvaCAD is actually part of AutoCAD or Bricscad. Since its release in 1989, SurvaCAD has become the most popular method for Survey Plan Drafting in Queensland, being in use throughout both the Public and Private Sectors.

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